Matte Lips Trends: Velvet Perfection In Every Shade

Matte lips have long been admired for their effortlessly chic and sophisticated look, and this season the trend continues to captivate beauty enthusiasts everywhere. From deep burgundy to delicate nude, there is a velvet perfection in every shade of matte lipstick. The elegant texture and long-lasting finish of these lip colors make them a staple in every makeup bag. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a subtle enhancement, the world of matte lips offers endless possibilities to express your personal style. Get ready to explore the latest trends and discover your new favorite shade for a flawless pout.

What are Matte Lips?

Definition of Matte Lips

Matte lips refer to a type of lipstick finish that provides a non-shiny, velvety texture to the lips. Unlike traditional glossy or shiny lipsticks, matte lipsticks are designed to create a more sophisticated and matte look. The formulation of matte lipsticks typically contains less oil and more pigment, resulting in a highly pigmented and long-lasting color payoff.

Pros and Cons of Matte Lips

Matte lips have gained immense popularity due to their unique properties and several advantages they offer. One of the main advantages of matte lips is their longevity. Matte lipsticks tend to stay on the lips for a longer period of time compared to their glossy counterparts, making them ideal for long-lasting wear. Additionally, matte lipsticks are often more transfer-proof, which means they are less likely to smudge or transfer onto objects or other people.

Another advantage of matte lips is their ability to create a more sophisticated and polished look. The velvety finish of matte lipsticks adds a touch of elegance and maturity to any makeup look, making it suitable for various occasions, from casual to formal events.

However, it is important to note that matte lipsticks may not be suitable for everyone. One common concern with matte lips is their potential to make the lips feel dry or dehydrated. The absence of oils in the formulation of matte lipsticks can sometimes contribute to a dry and uncomfortable feeling on the lips. It is advisable to properly moisturize and exfoliate the lips before applying matte lipsticks to prevent any potential dryness or flakiness.

Additionally, matte lipsticks may accentuate any lines or dry patches on the lips, so it is crucial to properly prepare and care for the lips before applying matte lipsticks. Overall, while matte lips offer a sophisticated and long-lasting finish, it is important to consider personal lip condition and preferences before incorporating matte lipsticks into your makeup routine.

Why Matte Lips are Trending

The Influence of Celebrities

Celebrities have a significant influence on beauty trends, and the rise of matte lips is no exception. Many A-list celebrities and influential figures have been seen rocking matte lips on red carpets, magazine covers, and social media platforms. Their impeccable and on-trend makeup looks, combined with the allure of matte lips, have captured the attention of beauty enthusiasts worldwide.

Celebrities such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and Ariana Grande have popularized matte lips by flaunting various shades and finishes. Their bold and confident choices in matte lipsticks have inspired countless individuals to experiment with this trend, ultimately leading to its widespread popularity.

The Rise of Matte Lipstick Brands

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of makeup brands offering a wide range of matte lipsticks. Cosmetic giants like Mac Cosmetics, Anastasia Beverly Hills, NYX Professional Makeup, and Kat Von D Beauty are just a few examples of brands that have dedicated themselves to creating high-quality and diverse collections of matte lipsticks.

The availability of a myriad of shades, finishes, and formulations has made it easier for beauty enthusiasts to find their perfect matte lip color. With an expanding market and an ever-increasing demand, it is evident that matte lips have become a makeup staple for individuals all around the world.

Matte Lips as a Statement

Matte lips have not only become a popular trend but have also been adopted as a form of self-expression and a powerful beauty statement. The non-shiny and assertive finish of matte lipsticks allows individuals to exude confidence, sophistication, and individuality.

Whether it’s a bold red matte lip for a special occasion or a muted nude matte lip for everyday wear, matte lips have the ability to enhance and complement the overall makeup look. With countless color options and endless possibilities, matte lips have become a canvas for creative expression, empowering individuals to showcase their unique style and personality through their choice of lip color.

Choosing the Right Shade of Matte Lipstick

Understanding Your Skin Undertone

Finding the perfect shade of matte lipstick starts with understanding your skin undertone. Your undertone – whether it’s warm, cool, or neutral – plays a crucial role in determining which shades will suit you best.

To determine your undertone, examine the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear greenish, it indicates a warm undertone. If they appear bluish, it indicates a cool undertone. If you find it challenging to determine the undertone based on your veins, you can also consider how your skin reacts to the sun. Warm undertones tend to tan easily, while cool undertones tend to burn and turn pink.

Matching Colors to Your Skin Tone

Once you have identified your undertone, it’s important to choose matte lipstick shades that complement your overall skin tone. While there are no strict rules, certain shades tend to flatter specific skin tones more than others.

For fair skin tones, soft pinks, light berries, and nude shades with a hint of peach or pink undertones are often the most flattering choices. These shades add a touch of color without overpowering the fair complexion.

Medium skin tones can experiment with a wide range of shades. Mauves, dusty roses, and deep berries are particularly flattering, as they add depth and intensity to the overall makeup look.

Deep and dark skin tones can rock bold and vibrant hues with ease. Rich reds, deep plums, and dark berries are excellent choices for making a striking statement with matte lips.

Determining the Occasion

In addition to considering your skin undertone and overall skin tone, it is important to select matte lipstick shades that are appropriate for the occasion. While bright and bold colors may be ideal for evening events or parties, more muted and neutral shades are often preferred for professional settings or daytime casual looks.

Considering the event or occasion will help guide your choice of matte lipsticks, ensuring that you make a statement while still adhering to the appropriate aesthetic.

matte lips trends

Popular Matte Lipstick Brands

Mac Cosmetics

Mac Cosmetics is a renowned makeup brand that offers a wide range of matte lipsticks with impeccable quality and an extensive shade selection. Known for their highly pigmented colors and long-lasting formulas, Mac matte lipsticks have been a staple in the beauty industry for years.

Whether you prefer classic reds, trendy nudes, or daring purples, Mac Cosmetics offers a diverse range of matte lipstick shades to suit every skin tone and personal style. With their smooth application and comfortable wear, Mac matte lipsticks are a must-have for any matte lip enthusiast.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia Beverly Hills, a cult-favorite brand among makeup enthusiasts, has gained popularity for its exceptional range of matte lipsticks. Known for their intense and opaque colors, Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipsticks offer a luxurious and velvety finish.

The brand’s matte lipsticks come in a variety of shades, from everyday neutrals to bold and vibrant colors. With their high-quality formulas and long-lasting wear, Anastasia Beverly Hills matte lipsticks are a top choice for those seeking a flawless matte lip look.

NYX Professional Makeup

NYX Professional Makeup is a beloved drugstore brand that has won the hearts of beauty enthusiasts worldwide with its extensive range of affordable and high-quality makeup products. Their collection of matte lipsticks is no exception.

From velvety-matte finishes to soft-matte formulas, NYX Professional Makeup offers a diverse array of matte lipsticks that cater to different preferences and skin tones. Whether you’re in search of a classic red or a unique nude shade, NYX Professional Makeup matte lipsticks provide excellent color payoff and comfortable wear at an affordable price point.

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D Beauty has become synonymous with edgy and bold makeup looks, and their matte lipsticks are no exception. The brand’s range of matte lipsticks offers an impressive selection of vibrant and unique shades.

Kat Von D Beauty’s matte lipsticks are known for their intense color payoff and long-lasting wear. The highly pigmented formulas glide on smoothly, leaving a rich and velvety finish that lasts throughout the day or night. If you’re looking to make a statement with your matte lips, Kat Von D Beauty’s matte lipsticks are a top choice.

Essential Tools and Techniques for Applying Matte Lipstick

Lip Exfoliation for a Flawless Finish

Before applying matte lipstick, it is essential to prepare the lips by exfoliating them. Lip exfoliation helps remove any dry or flaky skin, resulting in a smooth canvas for the matte lipstick application.

To exfoliate the lips, gently rub a lip scrub or a homemade mixture of sugar and honey onto the lips in circular motions. This will slough off dead skin cells and reveal a smoother texture. Rinse off the scrub and pat the lips dry before proceeding with the rest of the matte lipstick application.

Using Lip Liner for Precision

To achieve a precise and defined lip look with matte lipstick, it is recommended to use a lip liner. Lip liner helps prevent the lipstick from feathering or bleeding outside the lip line, creating a clean and polished appearance.

Choose a lip liner that matches or closely complements the shade of your matte lipstick. Start by outlining the natural shape of your lips, then fill in the entire lip area with the lip liner. This step provides a base for the matte lipstick to adhere to, prolonging its wear time.

Applying Lipstick with a Brush

While some may prefer applying matte lipstick directly from the bullet, using a lip brush can provide a more controlled and precise application. A lip brush allows for better distribution of the product, particularly when dealing with vibrant or dark matte lipstick shades.

To apply matte lipstick with a brush, simply dip the brush into the lipstick and apply it to the lips using short, sweeping motions. Begin from the center of the lips and gradually blend the color toward the outer corners. This technique ensures an even and seamless application, enhancing the overall matte lip look.

Preparation and Care for Matte Lips

Moisturizing and Exfoliating the Lips

To maintain healthy and plump lips while wearing matte lipstick, it is crucial to moisturize and exfoliate the lips regularly. Matte lipsticks can sometimes emphasize dryness or accentuate any lines on the lips, so proper lip care is essential.

Before applying matte lipstick, ensure that your lips are well-hydrated by using a lip balm or conditioner. Allow the product to soak into the lips for a few minutes before proceeding with the rest of your makeup routine. This will provide a smooth and moisturized base for the matte lipstick application.

Exfoliating the lips once or twice a week helps remove any dry or flaky skin, ensuring a smooth and even application of matte lipstick. As mentioned earlier, use a lip scrub or a homemade mixture of sugar and honey to gently exfoliate the lips, then rinse off the scrub and pat the lips dry.

Applying Lip Balm as a Base

Another way to ensure that your lips remain moisturized and comfortable while wearing matte lipstick is to apply a lip balm as a base. Lip balms provide an additional layer of hydration and act as a protective barrier between the lips and the matte lipstick.

Before applying matte lipstick, apply a thin layer of lip balm and allow it to sink into the lips for a few minutes. Once the lip balm has absorbed, blot off any excess product to prevent the matte lipstick from sliding or feathering. This will help maintain the moisture balance of the lips, ensuring a comfortable wear throughout the day.

Removing Matte Lipstick Properly

Removing matte lipstick can sometimes be a challenge due to its long-lasting and transfer-proof properties. However, it is important to remove matte lipstick properly to prevent any potential irritation or damage to the lips.

To remove matte lipstick, start by using a makeup remover or a gentle oil-based cleanser. Apply a small amount of the product onto a cotton pad and gently press it onto the lips. Allow the remover to break down the lipstick for a few seconds, then gently wipe away the product. Repeat this process until all traces of the matte lipstick have been removed.

Once the matte lipstick has been removed, massage a lip balm or a hydrating lip treatment onto the lips to replenish moisture. This will help restore the natural texture and hydration of the lips, preventing any potential dryness or discomfort.

matte lips trends

How to Achieve Velvet Perfection with Matte Lips

Prepping the Lips with a Primer

To achieve a flawless and long-lasting matte lip look, it is beneficial to prep the lips with a lip primer. Lip primers help extend the wear time of matte lipstick, prevent feathering or bleeding, and create a smooth canvas for the lip color application.

Before applying matte lipstick, apply a thin layer of lip primer onto the lips. Allow the primer to set for a few seconds, then proceed with the rest of your makeup routine. The lip primer will help the matte lipstick adhere better to the lips, ensuring a more vibrant and long-lasting finish.

Blotting to Remove Excess Oil

Matte lipsticks tend to have a higher concentration of pigment and less oil, which can sometimes result in excess shine or oil on the lips. To achieve a truly matte finish, blotting the lips after the initial application is a useful technique.

After applying the matte lipstick, gently press a clean tissue or blotting paper onto the lips to absorb any excess oil or shine. This will help set the lipstick and create a more velvety and matte appearance.

Using Translucent Powder for Longevity

For those looking to maximize the longevity of their matte lip look, using translucent powder can be a game-changer. Translucent powder helps set the matte lipstick, preventing it from fading or transferring throughout the day.

After applying the matte lipstick, hold a tissue over the lips to act as a barrier. Dust a small amount of translucent powder onto the lips using a fluffy brush, tapping off any excess. This technique helps lock in the color and reduces any excess shine, ensuring a matte finish that lasts for hours.

Matte Lips for Different Skin Tones

Best Shades for Fair Skin

Fair skin tones can rock a wide range of matte lipstick shades. Soft pinks, light corals, and nude shades with pink or peach undertones are particularly flattering for fair complexions. These shades create a subtle and delicate lip look that enhances the natural beauty of fair skin.

For those looking to make a bolder statement, classic reds and deep berries can provide a striking contrast against fair skin tones. These vibrant hues add a pop of color and create a captivating matte lip look.

Complementing Colors for Medium Skin

Medium skin tones offer versatility when it comes to choosing matte lipstick shades. Mauves, dusty roses, and warm browns tend to complement medium skin tones beautifully. These shades add depth and warmth to the overall makeup look, creating a harmonious and sophisticated appearance.

For a more daring and adventurous choice, medium skin tones can also pull off deep plums, vibrant oranges, or bold fuchsia shades. These bold hues create a stunning contrast and make a statement against medium skin tones.

Deep and Bold Hues for Dark Skin

Dark skin tones have the advantage of being able to rock deep and bold matte lipstick shades with ease. Rich reds, dark berries, and deep plums are incredibly flattering for dark complexions, as they enhance the natural depth and richness of the skin tone.

Additionally, dark skin tones can experiment with vibrant oranges, electric pinks, and daring purples for a truly captivating matte lip look. The boldness of these shades adds an element of drama and sophistication to any makeup look.

Matte Lips for Different Occasions

Daytime Casual Looks

For daytime casual looks, it is best to opt for more subtle and natural matte lipstick shades. Nude or mauve shades with a hint of pink or peach are perfect for enhancing the lips without overpowering the overall makeup look. These shades add a touch of color and sophistication to any casual daytime outfit.

It is also important to consider the finish of the matte lipstick. A soft matte or velvet-matte finish is often appropriate for daytime casual looks, as it creates a more effortless and laid-back appearance.

Professional and Corporate Attire

When it comes to professional or corporate attire, it is advisable to choose matte lipstick shades that are more muted and neutral. Nude shades with pink or brown undertones, soft roses, or light berries are ideal choices for a polished and professional matte lip look.

It is important to ensure that the matte lipstick application is precise and neat when wearing professional attire. Using a lip liner and a lip brush can help achieve a clean and defined lip look that complements the overall polished appearance.

Glamorous and Evening Events

For glamorous and evening events, matte lipstick shades that make a statement are highly desirable. Classic reds, bold berries, and deep plums can create a captivating and glamorous matte lip look that seamlessly complements an elegant evening outfit.

It is crucial to ensure that the matte lipstick application is flawless and long-lasting for evening events. Prepping the lips with a primer, blotting to remove excess oil, and using translucent powder for longevity can all significantly contribute to a stunning and enduring matte lip look.

Experimenting with Bold Trends in Matte Lips

Ombre and Gradient Effects

Ombre and gradient effects have become increasingly popular in the world of lip makeup, offering a unique and eye-catching twist to matte lips. This technique involves blending multiple shades of matte lipstick to create a seamless transition of color.

To achieve an ombre or gradient effect, choose two or more matte lipstick shades that complement each other. Start by applying the lighter shade to the center of the lips. Then, use a lip brush or your fingertips to blend the lighter shade outward, gradually transitioning into the darker shade towards the outer corners of the lips. This technique creates dimension and depth, resulting in a stunning and artistic matte lip look.

Matte Lips Trend Velvet Perfection with Glitter and Metallic Finish

Glitter and Metallic Finishes

For those looking to take matte lips to the next level, incorporating glitter or metallic finishes can add a touch of glamour and sparkle. Glitter or metallic top coats can be applied over matte lipstick to create a dazzling and multidimensional lip look.

To achieve a glitter or metallic finish, start by applying your desired matte lipstick shade. Once the matte lipstick has dried, lightly pat a glitter or metallic top coat onto the lips using a clean fingertip or a small brush. Focus the application on the center of the lips or create a gradient effect by applying more glitter or metallic product towards the center and fading out towards the outer corners. The result is a dazzling and attention-grabbing matte lip look.

Graphic and Artistic Designs

For those with an artistic flair, matte lips offer a canvas for experimenting with graphic and artistic designs. From bold geometric shapes to intricate floral patterns, the possibilities are endless.

To create graphic and artistic designs on the lips, use a lip brush, eyeliner brush, or a thin makeup brush, along with highly pigmented matte lipsticks in various colors. Sketch out your desired design, layering and blending different shades to achieve the desired effect. Patience, precision, and practice are key when it comes to creating intricate designs on the lips. The result is a unique and incredible matte lip look that truly stands out.

In conclusion, matte lips have become a beloved trend in the world of makeup, offering a sophisticated and polished finish for individuals of all skin tones and personal styles. By understanding your skin undertone, choosing the right shades, and using the proper tools and techniques, you can achieve velvet perfection with matte lips. Whether you’re attending a casual daytime event or a glamorous evening affair, matte lips provide endless possibilities for self-expression and creativity. So, embrace the trend, experiment with bold shades and finishes, and let your matte lips make a statement.

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